Nov 12, 2015 · It is an experimental operating system specially targeted to developers. Since it has a small footprint it is a perfect candidate operating system for the Raspberry Pi. This is a rough script to install Plan 9 on e.g. a Raspberry Pi.
SPI_bus - Test cases for the Raspberry Pi SPI bus including device drivers. Topics. rtems raspberrypi gpio i2c-bus spi mcp23008 23k256 device-drivers.
Apr 11, 2020 · The mythos of the remote home office or the exciting archetype of the digital nomad are as appealing as they are dangerous. It's great to be able to avoid a commute, to be able to stay comfortable at home while getting lots of work done, and to be master of your own schedule. But along with those liberties, you inherit the responsibility of remembering to be a normal, functioning human being ...
The Raspberry Pi is a small computer w/ 700 Mhz Single Core Atom and up to 512 Mb memory all for $25 14 Raspberry Pi (The Good)